Hematological Indices for Mice Bearing Ehrlich Tumor When Treated by Liposomes Encapsulated Hemoglobin and Irradiation

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TUMOR vasculature frequently fails to supply sufficient ……levels of oxygen to tumor tissue resulting in radioresistant tumor. To improve therapeutic outcome radiotherapy (RT) may be combined with liposomes encapsulated bovine hemoglobin (LEBH) as an artificial oxygen carrier. Hematological parameters and lipid peroxidation (LPx) can be indicators for tumor prediction and treatment. The aim of the present work is to considered as investigate and compare the effects of combination between radiotherapy and liposome encapsulated bovine hemoglobin as artificial oxygen carriers through hematological parameters and lipid peroxidation (LPx). This study was done through five groups of Male Swiss albino mice’s bearing Ehrlich Ascites Carcinoma (EAC) .
Blood samples were collected from mices of different groups into a tube containing heparin (heparinized tube).
Erythrogram, (LEBH+RT) group shows promising values in most measurements comparable to (RT) group and control group. Meanwhile, (Control) group shows low erythrogram values if compared to (Normal) group, but (LEH) shows the highest erythrogram values when compared to all investigated groups.
The hematological studies suggest that LEBH may have the potential of synergistic action with radiotherapy based on the tumor oxygenation effect of LEBH.