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Current Issue: Volume 23, Issue 1, 2022 

Spectroscopic investigation of Amiodarone effect on the rabbits' lacrimal gland

Pages 1-10

Sahar A. Morsy; Ahlam M. Ibrahim; Eman M. Ali; Sherif S. Mahmoud; Gehan M. Kamal

Physical and Radiobiological Evaluation of Gamma Knife Radiosurgery Plans in the Treatment of Meningioma: Comparison between two isodose lines (50% and 75%)

Pages 11-25

‪Gad Yahia Elbaz‬; Hedaya Mohammed Hendam; ElSayed Mohammed Alashkar; Khairy Mohammed tohamy; Ehab Marouf Attalla

Effect of Block Tray on Build-up Dose in γ- ray Radiotherapy

Pages 27-33

Arwa Ahmed Al-aghbari; Mohamed Ismail Elgohary

Influence of Slice Orientations on susceptibility-weighted imaging in the Thalamus

Pages 59-65

Mahmoud Refaat; Amir Eissa; Mohamed Elsamahy; Tamer M Elsayed

Radiobiological Assessment of the MLC Positioning error and its relation to the delivery of dose rate using logfile analysis

Pages 67-77

Ahmed El-Sayed Yousif; Mahmoud Hassan Abdel Gawad; Somia Metwally; Mona Salah Eldin Talaat

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